The Rhythm of the Road

Going up and down the highway remained constant in my life. Starting as part of a circus troupe, I learned to make one-day-stands. I learned travel skills as a teen. These skills gave me an advantage when I discovered this huge market for my artwork. Even though I was still going up and down the road providing artistic services for an audience of RV folks, in comparison to my initial experience, I was quite solitary.

While chasing high-end paintwork on motorhomes traversing the country, when I saw a circus performer’s rig on the highway, I waved. I was happy to see them. A few miles later, I became lonely. I missed the regular rhythm of traveling with the troupe and the connection that grew between the personnel while the season was underway.

I developed an efficient manner of completing several projects in a limited time span at a rally. I also made notes about the proximity of spill-over work requested by RVers in other areas. Like dominos falling over, all my efforts produced results. The completed murals on the backs of motorhomes crisscrossed the country and attracted comments wherever they went. Proud owners tossed my name around. The people entering coach ownership asked about the murals. Word in the RV industry spread. Letterfly became a buzz word between RV folks who sought to add a personal touch to their motorhome. I received a steady stream of requests that required travel. Travel to create more works of wonder.

I had regular stops to accomplish these works such as the Fleetwood plant and the Bird’s Nest in Georgia. The time between was filled with rallies and travel to client’s homes to accomplish the work. During the years that passed between being a sign man in Jackson and the big opportunity on the horizon, I was on the road for nine solid years. The only lengthy respite was my three-month engagement at River Ranch each winter. The remaining months were an endless routine of up and down, the routine learned on the circus as a teen – go to the new town, set up and create. When the job was complete, load out and repeat.


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