Writing Savvy Begins

One benefit of the winter routine at River Ranch was having access to professional people with specialties interested in promoting my success. Robert Maxwell Case was retired from a career in marketing at Kodak and became my mentor. He was very concise as he explained the process of creating an association with quality in the mind of the consumer for my marketing efforts.

While learning savvy from Robert, I recognized a need for the written word for these efforts and thought I needed a writer to help me. Later that year I put an ad in the paper back in Jackson. I received a response from a woman who claimed she could help me. I entered into an attempt to accomplish what I had been taught. I began to verbalize to her what I wanted and to communicate the information appropriate to include.  I discovered the ability to put my ideas into understandable concepts. Thus, began my relationship with words. This simple beginning revealed another art form to use to express myself.

The surrogate writer never did produce anything usable but the experience did jump start my early marketing efforts. I began to interview clients and found out interesting facts about their lives. With this information, I composed interesting stories about my customers and their murals. These anecdotes appeared in early marketing efforts.

As my writing progressed, I composed elaborate musings to use as newsletter material. I had been collecting customer contact information from the Fleetwood, Blue Bird and River Ranch data bases for my mailing list.  My plan for this aggressive project was to mail an admirable piece of literature to my expanding client base.

Not having a computer, I recruited the help of a typesetter at a printing company to arrange headline, photographs, story and footing with my logo into finished layout for my ads. The Ridge Printing Company in Lake Wales became a practical place to handle the process of composition, proofing, printing and folding. I worked with Kathy Flowers. She used the terms of a typesetter because she began in the business before the advent of the computer. She knew how old-time printing was accomplished. With her help, I learned many of the trade terms and achieved pleasant composition for these efforts.

Over the years, we created a series of several page, printed and folded newsletters to mail out to my growing client list.

Later, the advent of email changed the way marketing was distributed and Letterfly evolved. The musings did too. I began to compose interesting segments of my adventures on the road as an itinerate artist. I receive encouragement to this day from customers who enjoy these musings. They planted the seed to produce an accumulation of these works for an eventual book.


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