Montana Slim

The River Ranch luxury RV resort had a Saturday night rodeo. During my winter time role as resident artist I created an opportunity to perform with my horse. I visualized an entertaining act with my horse in a different style. This gave me the ability to keep my horse on the property. Knowing that classic horsemanship, especially while riding an English saddle, would probably not be appreciated by this cowboy crowd, I created a new concept with which to perform. I became “Montana Slim” who, like most cowboys, wanted to go dancing on Saturday night with his constant companion, his horse.

I wrote some patter for the rodeo announcer to accompany my presence in the arena as there was no source of music. Our turn came when barrel racing was over. The announcement I composed began.

“After riding the range on his horse all week,” the tinny drawl came over the loudspeaker, “every cowboy likes to take a break from the rigors of his job on Saturday night.”

As I entered the large arena, he continued, “And what is it that he likes to do with his faithful companion on Saturday night?”

“Just like you and me,” he would exclaim, “they like to go dancing!”

By this time, I had ridden a few circles and became situated central in the arena. While I faced the audience, we began to side pass down the front side.

“Here, as you can clearly see,” he began, “is the Watermelon Crawl.”

The mixed audience of cowboys, cowgirls and RV folks responded with a blend of groans and noisy appreciation.

As I continued Souveran’s vast repertoire, the announcer, gave out names of the other western line dances that were all the rage, and would be mimicked by the folks in the saloon later that night.

“There you see the Tush Push,” he would say. 

“That, ladies and gentlemen,” as I changed maneuvers, “is the Electric Slide.”

Then later he would banter, “There’s the Boot Scoot Boogie.”

My contribution at the rodeo, not only kept my horse and his skills fresh, but the glimpse at another facet of the artist was something the guests, many of whom were also my customers, enjoyed. Plus, this gave me the ability to keep my horse and mule with me on the ranch.


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