Sailing South Haven

Souveran spent every summer with Rosalind near South Haven, Michigan. He enjoyed trail rides with her while I returned to the rhythm of motor home rallies all across the Midwest. One weekend Roz invited me to go on a sailboat outing. Two of her horsey friends had a beautiful boat.

I was so used to using every available moment to accomplish something, that I wanted this leisure time to also be utilized productively. I went with Roz and her friends on that beautiful summer day. Once on the boat, I announced that the creation of a nickname for Souveran was the order of the day. As we tacked across the cold, blue water of Lake Michigan, we bounced around many ideas for a shorter name to call him. Finally, I was inspired. I stood up.

“His name is Souveran,” I announced, “but you may call him Sir.”

Then we all laughed. With that segment of business complete, I lightened up and enjoyed the rest of the day with my friends.


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