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My life changed as the result of embracing the design for living as taught by Alcoholics Anonymous. I have Mary to thank for encouraging me to attend. In sobriety we found something in common. She found a new life and although we didn’t succeed as a couple, she remained interested in my life as an artist as it continued to unfold.

During occasional conversations with Mary, who became a journalist, I had the idea of hiring her as an advocate to research and write an article for the Family Motor Coach Magazine. After having a conversation with the editor, she received a commission to write this article about custom paint on the exteriors of motorhomes, especially mural artwork.

My marketing mentor Robert Maxwell Case suggested the strategy of including other top names in my field so that Letterfly would be associated with that group. I provided her with those names. Her article included all the premier producers of high-quality paintwork.

Paint jobs for upper-end coaches were produced by specialty service providers. In those days all spectacular stripe work on motorhomes was hand-taped, hand-masked and hand sprayed. That was why only high-end coaches had spectacular paint jobs. One RV manufacturer had an in-house artist who produced production murals on the assembly line.

Mary included Letterfly as being the premier producer of custom one-up works of art. She wrote about Letterfly being unique in this group as an artist who lived the RV lifestyle on the road while creating these murals for Ma and Pa USA.

My niche as explained in her article was due to my gift with people and art. Letterfly used the interview process for inspiration for the perfect idea for each mural. The story went on about my freehand talents as a lettering painter, gold leaf gilder and producer of spectacular vistas of all kinds. The article helped to cement the name Letterfly in the Family Motor Coach Association readership and across the RV industry.


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