I am an intensely creative, visual artist who does things the old fashioned way; by hand with paint. Writing is among my other outlets for expression. I live a life of adventure with travel half the year thanks to having been imprinted at an early age with my fathers love for the circus.

These musings capture only part of the turbulence of my exciting life. Surprise turns in the road ahead reveal, one at a time, opportunities that segue into the life that has evolved today as a traveling artist serving the motorcycle community with the ages old tradition of pinstriping, lettering and painting images using skills developed over four decades.

I am passionate about this life I have been blessed with and am relentlessly curious, creative and playful. I had horses for thirty years and have experienced true connection with other living beings as the result. I enjoy enjoy growing things on my piece of Eden in the country each winter and encouraging others at my Toastmasters fellowship, my writers group and the recovery community.

I am what you would call handy. Everything gets better the longer I own it. I have an imagination and use it. After being immersed in the many projects underway at all times, I enjoy a quiet evening by a campfire with the woman I love, Barney the cat and the folks who visit from near and far.

I love my life, the promise for our future, the color yellow, the sound of birds in the morning, regular intervals with like-minded people lifting one another up, good nutrition and the friendly wag of a dogs tail.

I am happy to have met you and invite you to read on about the interesting life of this busy artist creating a life of living in love.

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