I am so excited about my first book I can barely contain myself. Speedy Hurled Through Havoc is now in print and available on Amazon. Please read the bood description on my books page and order one on Amazon

As I pause at the keyboard, imagine people from all walks of life from around the globe who find this site attracted by their curiosity, I visualize inviting you to sit down, enjoy a beverage with me and visit.

Although I write stories about the many interesting occurrences of my life, in person I become fascinated with my guests. Especially fascinating is how each individual is influenced by their particular situation, upbringing, cultural influence and family dynamics to become a unique individual with an equally unique way of seeing what is around them in this world.

I am interested in you; what makes you tick, what you hunger for and how I can lift you up with encouragement, sharing what happened to me through these musings and what I have learned from my exclusive life experience.

Read on my friend, and if you only came to briefly glance, perhaps you will stay and call me your friend.

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