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Speedy hurled through havoc the first of a series, is available on Amazon

Speedy Hurled Through Havoc honors my father and reveals nuance about the performing horses of the circus and the fascinating men who encouraged my hand. This memoir explains where my creative talents came from and how my love for the circus and classic horsemanship began.

The story opens in 1931 when a boy and his friend are up before dawn, waiting by the railroad tracks for the circus train to arrive arrive in Columbus, Ohio. The reader will relive the exciting process of circus day when many railroad cars of wagons, animals of all kinds are unloaded and the population of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey set up a huge traveling tented city.

The observant boys witness the circus performance filled with an aggregation of unbelievable wonders that amaze everyone in attendance. At the end of the day, they watch the crews tear it all down and load it back on the train. Late at night, they see the loaded train head for the next town. In the wake of this annual magical experience, the boys launch a backyard enterprise of their own that included my dad as the ringmaster who dreamed of living a life of adventure on the circus.

I was the one who began living his dream. At sixteen I took my set of drums, a few paintbrushes and a spare pair of jeans and launched my self into an adventure. Developing the mindset of an entertainer, I found harmony with horses, and personal expression as a sign painter. This on the road memoire reveals the surprise twists and turns of an interesting life that was not without mishap. I learned skills from an itinerate culture that would benefit me my entire life but hitting bottom as an alcoholic brought everything to a screeching halt.

As the future without the circus unfolded, Letterfly evolved into a premier producer of airbrushed murals, and gold leaf monograms, delicate hand painted artwork and pinstriping on motorcycles. Today , Letterfly is a renowned artist , speaker, and spiritual seeker in the modern world of gigabytes, impulsive distractions, and emerging societal insanity.

Kinker Glitz Glamour Guts takes the reader on a turbulent big top adventure as boy turns into man. An inspired teen is immersed in timelessness while painting decorative designs on the circus fleet and drumming in the circus band. He becomes fascinated with what he sees the horse trainers enroll their animals to do. Becoming immersed in this fascinating culture, he finds principles of regard, encouragement and love in harmony between trainer and animal. Encouraged by others he begins a lifelong passion of learning all aspects of classic horsemanship, developing skills as a trainer and presenter of liberty, manage and dancing horses with emphasis on the circus performing arts. Love expands as he grows as a circus man, and when the time is right, he meets… well, it is a happy ending to the story.

Show Painter the road home is book three of a trilogy. This memoire occurs next in the chronological order of my life. As the market for performing changed I drop the reader into the depths of grief experienced as I leave the circus behind me. Yet, having learned the ages old trade of the hand lettering sign painter prepared me for the next echelon of my life. I accidently find a coupe painting fascinating murals, elaborate signs and extensive scenery for the showmen of the fairgrounds. Finding my place on the carnival was the perfect prerequisite for the next stage of my career.

At one time, the only fanciful exterior paint jobs on buses were for touring entertainers and musicians and those paint jobs were all hand done. During the mid eighties, an emerging fad of retirees becoming full time RVers had begun. Ma & Pa USA wanted to look like country stars in their new motor homes and this provided a boost for my career. Using the skills of a traveling circus man, I served this wandering clientele in a series of new locations across 32 states for a period of nine years. While traveling as an airbrush mural artist, Letterfly became the most prolific of all the artists in the RV industry. A stellar reputation attracted the attention of the largest RV dealership in the country who invited me to become their resident artist.

 One Man Show introduces the reader to the seduction of self-reliance as a boy responds to the vicissitude of childhood. Later, as an ambitious showman, life introduced a series of influential mentors who rocket understanding and reveal qualities that run counter to original beliefs forcing self reliance to get questioned and evenatiuaully overcome.

The theme gets an interesting twist after devastation prompts the start the process of recovery from tainted beliefs that only served to keep me separate. By reaching out to others, becoming part of the community, I experienced catharsis from those dynamics and rose into practical connection with God. I found peace, a greater understanding for others and the epiphany that writing about these experiences will possibly inspire others.

These books are in editing mode now and will be published in the traditional manner.

What People Say

David…David…David!   I purchased your book and I am over 3/4 of the way through it.  AND… I already posted a quick review.  It’s SO good that I couldn’t wait to finish the final chapter before making my love for your book known to others.  Your stories and your passion draw me into a peek at your life, your family, and your many talents.  You definitely have a God given talent for expressing your heart and soul in such a meaningful way.  I will gladly send you more feedback when I’ve finished reading the entire book.  Also looking forward to your new book!

Well done,  I am so very proud to be your friend all these many years.  And yes, you have always been the faithful son my dad never had…  



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