Interesting Contrast

Perhaps the short-lived International Circus Festival and Parade was doomed to failure from the get-go. The event only occurred three times. The premise behind this event was for everyone to work together to benefit the industry. The populace of this industry is full of runaway egos that have individual agendas. But with no supervision – such as exists on an organized touring show – the rig parking, animal arrangements and consideration for specific thrill act equipment and logistics for everything else became a haphazard free-for-all with little regard for the original premise to benefit the whole. Without the ability to let go of individual agendas, internal struggle eroded what little adhesive there was to bind the altruistic concept. Our industry was also threatened by entertainment alternatives. The next day, a massive exodus took place as many performers’ rigs headed out to other destinations. I had a gig too.

I had discovered a market for hand painted airbrush murals and lettering work on motor homes at a luxury dude ranch turned RV resort in the middle of the state. That gig kept me busy for three months until the first of April. Yes, John Herriott said I could work with him again once my gig was over. He also added that it may be brief in the spring because his season started then.

With the festivities in my rearview mirror, I made my way to a completely different world. I found an excellent place to make a living as the resident artist for the next nine winter seasons. My entire entourage headed east. After I dropped off the livestock at a boarding facility nearby, I made my way to begin a significant chapter of my life.

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