A Dramatic Shift

At the end of my time around the Blue birds, I loaded the livestock and made my way to Sarasota where my new horsemanship mentor lived.  Lessons with Dorita Konyot before and after the winter season as the resident artist at River Ranch became a regular pattern over the next few years.

Performing opportunities with the circus were dwindling while the demand for hand painted murals on motor homes increased. This did not dampen my enthusiasm for this performing art form. I remain passionate about learning all I can. I had plenty of time to rehearse and take lessons during the fallow time after the Blue Bird rally and before Christmas.

My primary means of income shifted as I capitalized on this niche. With many RVs across the country, I had found a place to thrive. Knowing how to travel to take advantage of this huge market, due to my circus background, placed me in a position of advantage over the others who attempted to break into this itinerate market. I had the means with which to pursue my passion – classic horsemanship.

Using Dorita’s place in Sarasota as headquarters for my act rehearsals and riding lessons was handy. At the beginning circus performing was my priority and breaks between seasons were filled with painting projects. Now there wasn’t much circus work. I still sought to make progress with my acts. A new pattern revealed itself as my sign and mural painting business took center stage.

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