Robert Maxwell Case

Sitting behind a music stand with lights on it to illuminate his smiling face, Robert Maxwell Case made his living singing songs reminiscent of the old west while playing his guitar. He sat on a stool in the corner of the dining room at the dude ranch. He sang and strummed old popular favorites to provide atmosphere during the dinner hour at the Branding Iron Restaurant. His plaid long sleeved western shirt always had the collar buttoned but no tie. Among the tunes popular with diners were ballads, at which he was especially good.

Robert’s demeanor can best be described as being like the playful otter. Whoever he was with at the time had his complete attention. Love was obvious, reflected in his eyes and apparent in his smile. Long stylish hair and beard were identifying marks.

A brilliant man with a marketing degree, during his spare time he was immersed in creating a computer program for keeping track of entertainers, theatre show times and events in Branson, Missouri, where he worked during the summer months.  Also, in the works was a program he marketed to Microsoft to randomly place dots in various concentrations to create half tones, previously done with screens which produced a gray with the use of regularly placed dots. This entertaining personality had an impact on my life as the years went by and our friendship grew.

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